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Sep 20, 2010 6:30pm PDT
the requirements to feed the world in future. >>luxury in london, where high end hotels are attracting investment despite the recession >>we were able to secure what we believe is one of the most attractive hotel sites in london. >>and why taking a summer holiday was no longer an option for financially stretched ski resorts. >>abirached: hello and welcome. i'm raya abirached and this is world business, your weekly insight into the global business trends shaping our lives. this year, around the world, droughts, floods andwildfires have meant harvests for many crops are significantly lower than expected which lead to russia introducing a two season export ban on wheat and even food riots in mozambique. but is the situation really that bad and what is the outlook for the long term? >>reporter: at the start of august, the russian government banned all exports of wheat until the end of the year. the price, already at a two-year high jumped eight per-cent in one day but news the ban was being extended to the end of 2011 sparked a much smaller rise as much as the market had expecte
Sep 17, 2010 5:30pm PDT
, particularly christianity. >> on the same day anti- terrorist police in london are arrested six men in connection with a plot to harm the pope. the taliban have vowed to disrupt afghan elections. welcome to bbc world news. coming up in the program -- karachi and shuts down after a senior pakastani politician is murdered in london. approaching the end of his trip along the indus river, our correspondent discovers the depths of despair among the flood victims of pakistan. >> every time we saw a car in the area, it was surrounded by the people who have been hurt by the floods. the people we are here to help. >> the pope has issued a rallying cry for religion in an historic speech delivered to both houses of parliament. he said the world of faith and secular rationality needed one another for the good of civilization. allan little reports. ♪ >> the majesty of westminster's great hall pakastani centuries. this is the spot where the catholic martyr thomas mort was sentenced to death by the newly-protestant english states. [applause] with britain's contemporary earthly authority before him,
Sep 13, 2010 6:30pm PDT
stopover in the low tax uae rather than london and avoid the extra charges. >>tarry: if we have, as we do have, taxation on the environment, people might want to avoid coming to the uk to change aeroplanes and you can avoid that by going through a carrier in the gulf. >>reporter: and there could be some more turbulence on the horizon, with the extraordinary growth of the uae's airlines raising the issue of overcapacity, a common feature of the airline business. >>pearce: well, in the airline industry there is always the problem of overcapacity, it's an issue that has really held profitability down ever since the industry started in its full commercial form. >>reporter: dubai is already building a second airport which will funnel 160 million passengers through the emirate. abu dhabi has plans for 40 million passengers while neighbouring qatar, with its own airline to rival both emirates and etihad, has plans for 44 million within the next five years. but this sort of expansion, albeit on a smaller scale has been seen before... >>hogan: probably asked the same question about asia in t
Sep 17, 2010 12:30am PDT
farooq, has been stabbed to death outside his home in britain. pope benedict arrives in london, his first official state visit by a pope since the 16th cent rifment his message, keep the feat. he urges catholics in scotland to stay true to their christian roots. the sarkozy lashes out after critics condemn the expulsion of roama people from the country. >> hello and welcome to "bbc news." we are broadcasting to our viewers in the united kingdom and around the world. politician frs a leading party in the pakistani city of karaci says one of their leaders, imran farooq was killed in london. s he is believed to be attacked in northwest london. british police have not yet confirmed the identity of the victim, but said a 50-year-old victim has died after suffering multiple knife wounds. >> a major police investigation has begun. at its heart, the violent and so far unexplained death of this man, dr. imran farooq, a leading member of a movement and one of pakistan's most controversial political parties. in the pakistani city, there was shock and grief at the loss of one of the party's sta
Sep 13, 2010 12:00pm PDT
>> rose: welcome to our program. tonight from london a coconversation with the chancellor of the exchequer of the british government, george osborne. about his efforts to create an austerity program to reduce the deficit. >> the biggest risk facing the british economy is a, sent out there that we had a government that was unable to deal with the budget deficit. that a major-- now what which want to see, of course, is growth. and you know, at the moment we are seeing growth in the british economy. but i want to see growth in the british economy going forward but it has to be sustainable growth. that means reassuring people we can pay our way in the world and it also means a private look-- led recovery. >> from london for the hour, george osborne. >> funding for charlie rose was provided by the following: captioning sponsored by rose communications >> from london a special edition of charlie rose. >> rose: george osborne is britain's chancellor of the exchequer, that means he is equiv lant to the finance ministers. prior to taking this job he served as a conservative member of parl
Sep 17, 2010 6:00pm PDT
preaching reconciliation, police arrested six london and over an alleged terrorist threat to the papal visit. they said the pontiff is calm and there's no change to the schedule of the day, but security remains tight. >> london's westminster abbey saw the leaders of the roman catholic and anglican churches under one roof for a joint prayer service. it capped off the second day of the historic papal tour. it was a chance for reconciliation. tensions between the two concessions rose last year after the pope made it easier for anglicans to convert to catholicism >> i come here today from rome to pray and to join in the gift of christian unity. [applause] >> earlier, benedict gave his keynote address in westminster hall. past british protestors were there including tony blair, who converted to catholicism in 2007 to the pontiff or again of aggressive secularism in britain and the increasing marginal insulation of religion. >> or at least relegated to -- [unintelligible] to appreciate the rights of believers to freedom of conscience and freedom of religion. but also, the legitimate ro
Sep 17, 2010 7:00am EDT
murdered in london. british counter terrorism police are investigated. condemnation and protests in pakistan. day two of the pope state visit to britain. and he takes his defense of catholic teaching and tradition to london. it is midday in london, 7:00 a.m. in washington and it afternoon in kabul where that afghan government has deployed more than 200,000 members of security forces to safeguard tomorrow's parliamentary elections. in the world -- words of the u.n. special envoy, one of the worst places in the worst times to have an election and were in the world. for the latest let's go live to kabul. >> here in the kabul, right across the country, security is exceptionally tight. policemen everywhere at key junctions in the capital. and yet intimidation and threats continued. 18 supporters of candidates were kidnapped today in the northwest of afghanistan. and another candidate was kidnapped this morning not far from kabul. more than three in the last two weeks according to the ports. yet with all of the threats and fears of violence, there is a lot of enthusiasm among the candidat
Sep 6, 2010 6:00pm PDT
the nazis for inspiration, and remembering the london blitz 70 years ago for the first time in color. the taliban are saying they carried out a suicide bombing that killed 19 people. this is pakistan's third big attack in days. the taliban blames police for encouraging local people to form militias against them. >> heavy machinery digging through the ruins of the police station. the bomber had driven a car into an alley behind the building. they spread rubble around the area. >> i saw it with my own eyes. i was in the mosque with relatives. one was killed, and the other was injured. >> several children were killed, too. the wounded were taken to the local hospital. >> i said my morning prayers and went to sleep. suddenly, there was a vague ban -- big bang. this followed a triple bombing but mark the end of a relative lull in violence. the pakistani taliban said it was responsible and threatened attacks in the united states and europe very soon. in the north, people are beginning to rebuild. >> it is clear enough time at the riverview hotel -- cleanup time at the riverview hotel. the
Sep 18, 2010 12:30am PDT
the murder of a leading pakistani politician in north london believe that his killing may have been politically motivated. dr. farouq, who had spent the last decade in exile until london, was found with stab wounds. >> suburban north london -- hardly the most obvious place from which to conduct politics in pakistan. outside, dr. farouq, a prominent figure inside pakistan's mqm party shall was stabbed and beaten to death. counterterrorism investigators are investigating but no clear motive has appeared yet. the party is the dominant party in karachi. farouq fled pakistan in the early 1990's and sought political asylum because he thought his life was in danger and that london would be a safe haven. the leader of 9 party has a body guard but the m.q.m. say they can't afford body guards for every leader. this killing has made them feel very differently. at the london offices tonight they are in mourning for their friend and colleague. in karachi where the m.g.m. dominate politics there was sporadic burning and shots fired. last month the assassination of an m.q.m. politician in the city
Sep 18, 2010 5:30pm PDT
in london. >>> taking aim. hurricane igor bears down on bermuda as the cleanup begins in the wake of another killer storm. >>> and miracle mom. a young mother of three defies death and now she's using her life to make a difference. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. coming off of a drama of some of this week's state primary contests, believe it or not, not all the political focus these days is on the november midterm elections. the run-up to the 2012 presidential campaign is also slowly starting to build. tonight, those handicapping the potential republican challengers are trying to figure out what to make of sarah palin's high profile appearance this weekend in a place where presidential runs usually get off the ground. nbc's mike viqueira is in washington tonight to tell us more. mike. >> reporter: good evening, lester. sarah palin is on something of a role becoming a party king-maker while at the same time defying the republican establishment. now the question is will she, can she, try to parlay that popularity with the conservative base into a success
FOX News
Sep 17, 2010 1:00pm EDT
this building. here is what we know right now, the five suspects were working as london street cleaners. they were arrested a little bit more than six hours ago. the men's ages range between 26 and 50. investigators acted on a tip that they received last night and they felt was extremely credible. as of right now we are told a search has not uncovered any weapons or hazardous items, as of right now. peter new man is the director for the international center for the study of rad ka liization at king's college in london. when you think of the fact that these were street cleaners and the abg test they would have in the role to the pontiff it's quite chilling. >> they were going to work at a site where the pope was going to appear. they would be free to roam around and get close to the pope. no one would have restricted them. if it turns out to be a plot it would have been an extremely sophisticated one. megyn: i want to point out to our viewers these are live pictures coming from us from london where the popemobile is making its way down the street, you can see the incredible crow
Sep 9, 2010 12:00pm PDT
>> rose: from london, the editor of the "economist," john micklethwait. >> in some way he's been a convenient scapegoat. a lot of people supported the iraq war, it wasn't just him, it wasn't his silk-tongued rhetoric which dragged us into it. a lot of people thought it was a good idea and yet now conveniently within britain and many other countries it's blamed on this george bush and his cleverred-tonged mood until tony blair. think think he wants to say, no i was a bigger figure than that. >> rose: also from london, an old friend of this program, john burns now the london bureau chief of the "new york times". >> we were perhaps transfixed by the relief would come to iraq with the overthrowing of saddam and yes maybe we should have spent more time difficult as it would have been under saddam to look at the trauma, the psychological trauma inflicted on iraq by the ba'ath party and saddam over a period of 30 years. all of that it can accept. if i had to do it over again i would have looked at that because it was the fractured pitch thatter that society in part along with saddam terro
Sep 11, 2010 11:00pm EDT
praised hasan on his website, calling him a hero. years ago, he move friday the u.s. towa london and was still here when the alleged cdahristm day bomber began university here. intelligence agencies are investiging the possibility they met. this is the mosque where he did most of his preacng in london. the has been no indication they met here, but during the young nigerian's three years in london, he almost undoubtly met some of the our admirers. he was one of the thousand who is flocked to the lectures. >> people loved him. people loved his classes and the way he explained things. >> these radical muslims in london with whom adbul shared a hatr of the united states and the war in iraq. he was god's mess enjer. not for everyone. he was once a radical himself. they met and he heard him speak in a london mosque in 2002, saying police mistreated a mellow muslim. >> this was an insult to islam and we have do something about t. let's do something about it. if they don't know how to channel that, they will take it out somewh>>ere. >> he has since turned his back on extremism and found out
Sep 7, 2010 4:30am EDT
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Sep 17, 2010 12:00pm EDT
story from london. right now five men are being held in connection with an alleged threat against the pope. at this point, investigators remained tight lipped. we get the latest information from charlie dagada who is in london. >> reporter: british security teams are on guard after uncovering a suspected terror plot targeting pope benedict. counterterrorism teams got word of the threat overnight and launched a raid on an office in central london. five men are under arrest between 26 and 50 years old, all reportedly of arab decent. they haven't found any hazardous material in their searches. the pope spoke to him and said the pontiff was told as he visited with thousands of catholic school children. >> not many people see him and i'm really happy. >> scotland took a closer look at the security arrangements in place for the pope's four-day visit here and decided there's no need to change the pope's itinerary. pope benedict almost always travels in his pope mobile with 8 to 10 body guards. the plot comes amid anger over the child's sex abuse scandal. >> i'm a victim of sex abuse. i was b
Sep 30, 2010 5:30pm EDT
the u.k. including a luxury hotel in london's west end. the irish bank has since been built up by the government. the u.k. bank also fuelled the irish property bubble. events in dublin will be watched closely in the city of london. a coalition of dutch parties hope to form the country's next government to have propose stricter controls on immigration. the freedom party is currently on trial for inciting hatred against muslims. you are watching bbc world news. still to come -- >> that is why we named the oil company after it. >> one of the last surviving stars of hollywood's golden age, tony curtis has died at the age of 85. a global survey of the world's river systems has concluded nearly 18% of the world's population that lived near rivers under threat. developing countries are failing to address the underlying threats to sources of fresh water. >> much of the world fights for fresh water. many of us have clean water flowing into our homes on tap. there is no sign that in this inequity abating according to this. 18% of humans are exposed to potential threats from the rivers that
Sep 17, 2010 12:00pm EDT
turnout within -- only 18% >>> five men in london are under arrest accused of threatening the pope. he is in london on day two of his official state visit to the u.k. the london police force said the men are from north africa and or questions but have not been charged. pope benedict has been greeted by pilgrims and protesters at every stop. >>> turning to the oil disaster in the gulf of mexico, the damaged well that spilled millions of gallons of oil into the gulf could soon be plugged forever. the government says the relief well's has interjected. crews will pump mud and cement into the down as well as the work could be finished by sunday. >> coming up, >> i was not going to die on that floor. >> out prisoners inside their work place are now speaking out about the terror at the discovery building. drive to stay alive, a way to help shut off your phone on the road. we are tracking hurricane carla which is getting stronger and headed to mexico. >>> two of the discovery channel hostages are recounting their stories. they were on good"morning america." they said that the gun and asked him
Sep 17, 2010 12:12pm PDT
terror threat against him. five street cleaners were arrested in an early-morning raid in london after police received a tip about this plot to harm the pope. a sixth person was arrested later. now, details about the alleged plot haven't been released. but the men are between 26 and 50. and as of yet, they have not been charged. pope benedict is in london on the second day of a four-day visit to britain. >>> and the mother of natalee holloway entered a peruvian jail and spoke directly with the man suspected in her daughter's disappearance five years ago. this is all according to holloway's lawyer. beth holloway reportedly told joran van der sloot that she had no hate for him in her soul, but she does want to bring natalee home. van der sloot is charged with murdering a second woman. holloway's attorney says his client did not violate any laws by visiting him. >>> a washington woman who claimed a stranger threw acid in her face is now admitting she did it to herself. bethany storro faces multiple charges. now, her story drew worldwide sympathy and attention last month when she told the
Sep 17, 2010 4:00am EDT
. in london, the ftse opened higher. on wall street, the dow added 22 points yesterday. and the nasdaq ticked up two points. >>> fresh evidence this morning of the toll that the recession is having on americans. nearly 44 million people now live in poverty. that's one in seven americans, the highest rate in 15 years. experts actually expected the numbers to be worse. but many people are moving in with family now to save money and share expenses. >>> the head of the johnson & johnson division responsible for most of those recent recalls is now retiring. pauline goggins is leaving early next year after nearly 30 years at the company. >>> gm's new ceo says taxpayers won't get their bailout money back when the company has its initial public offering. instead, he says, it will take several years for the remaining $43 billion to be repaid. >>> a deal to create the world's biggest airline could get shareholder approval later today. united and continental airlines will announce results of a vote today. if shareholders approve, the $3 billion deal could close in about two weeks. but it w
Sep 6, 2010 5:30pm EDT
the nazis for inspiration. and remembering the london blitz of 70 years ago, and for the first time in color. ♪ >> hello to you. the taliban is saying they carried out a suicide bombing that demolished a police station in northwest pakistan, killing 19. in maciver region this was their third the suicide attack -- in the kayba region at this is the third suicide attacks in as many weeks. >> the blast left these police station in ruins. the bomber pack a car full of explosives and put it in an alley behind the building. heavy machinery had to be brought in to remove the rubble. >> we were at the police station. all the morning staff was still there because they had not left to their duties. suddenly, there was dust and darkness. we had no idea where anyone was or what had happened. >> police officers had been killed, but there were children, too, among the dead, caught up in the explosion on their way to school. this is the third explosion in pakistan in the week. on friday, it bomber during a procession by the shiite community. dozens of people were killed. and that followed a triple
Sep 18, 2010 7:00pm EDT
, really. >> he lived with his on, and resents moved, from when he arrived in london from nigeria aged five, until he was 18. then he discovered she was not his answer at all. to this day, he does not do -- he does not know who she was. he does not know much about himself either. he grew up as one of britain's invisible children, therefore unprotected. it is estimated and in the uk today there are 10,000 children living in similar unregistered arrangements. many come from abroad, and many are being abused. one agency has found that at any given time, any local authority in britain has three or four cases of private flustering where there is a job protection agency. >> nearly half of those cases, the children originate from overseas. that is just the small minority of the cases out there. those are the cases where the children are being abused. there are cases where it concerns are not being raised. there are probably more going on and we just do not know about it. >> the the 10 years ago, we found out too late about one of horrific case, the 8-year-old victoria. she was brought from th
Sep 7, 2010 12:30am PDT
war, this footage of london after the bombing. british detectives investigate williams. they have released footage of his last movement. >> the last recorded on a shopping expedition last month. ihe was seen walking into a tube station. police hope someone will come forward with information about his death. mr. williams' body was found in a padlocked sports bag in his flat. it emerged that earlier in the summer, there were visits to the building. >> i am keen to trace a man and a woman. they were led into the entrance. >> what do we know about jerez williams last movement? he was seen entering the underground station in west london. the following afternoon, he visited herod's. he was recorded on cc tv. eight days later, he was found dead. there were no signs of forced entry or any disturbance. toxicology tests have failed to reveal evidence of any drugs. it is perhaps not surprising the police investigation has been shrouded in secrecy. the fact detectives are now appealing to the public for help suggests they are struggling to make headway. our headlines so far -- president obama
Sep 30, 2010 6:00pm EDT
people in poor nations vulnerable. the acquisition is that major western cities like london engineered their way out of danger without sufficient regard for by our diversity and sustainability. this is the latest engineering project to safeguard human health in london. soon there will be starting work on a 7 kilometer title which will act as an overflow pipe, ensuring that human excrement does not fit into the water source. -- does not get into the water source. >> a london has a troubled in size since it was built. there is nothing that we can do -- we are going to the cause. we will stop the overflows from where they happen and build the tunnel. >> engineering works have a long track record in safely separated humans from the waste. if developing nations have the funds, millions of lives could be saved. the report says more attention it needs to be paid it to the problems we may be storing up upstream and down. >> this is "bbc world news." a state of emergency is declared in ecuador after the president, correa, accuses security forces of a coup. a court in india has ruled that a reli
Sep 16, 2010 12:00pm EDT
britain, but protesters are planning a different welcome of their own. i'm charlie d'agata in london. we will have the story coming >>> we have breaking news again from baltimore. as we first reported, there has been a shooting at johns hopkins hospital in baltimore. the latest information that we have received says that the gunman has been subdued. a hospital spokesperson says the shooting happened on the 8th floor of the main hospital. and of course that floor remains locked down. the condition of the doctor has not been released. we are following the story throughout the day and we will give you updated information when it is available. >>> for the first time ever the leader of the catholic church is in the u.k. pope benedict xvi began his visit to scotland by acknowledging the church failed to act quickly or decisively to deal with priests who raped and molested children. charlie d'agata has more from london ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: pope benedict xvi's first visit to britain began with a warm welcome from britain's queen elizabeth in scotland. >> on behalf of the people of the unit
Sep 8, 2010 7:00am EDT
-- what women look for. it is early morning in washington, 7:00 p.m. in hong kong and midday in london, headquarters of the oil giant bp. it is releasing the results of its own investigation of the explosion of the gulf of mexico rig that killed 11 workers and led to america's worst ever oil spill. one thing is clear -- it will not be the last word on the matter. >> originally some feared bp's reporting might exonerate the company entirely. in fact, the report admits some blame does attached to bp. it will give the inquiry reasonable credibility on both sides of the atlantic. one area of focus is the communication between the company and its contractors, particularly trans ocean, operator of the rig. >> this is a case between the operator and the drilling company at all the other contractors. those interfaces have to be handled more effectively. it is often in those interfaces were problems occur. >> the report was designed to answer, among other things, what led to the failure of the steel casing lighting the well. it allowed gas and oil to leak. why test failed to identify the leak a
Sep 6, 2010 5:30pm PDT
book-signing event planned for later this week in london because of potential protests. this weekend in ireland, blair was met by an angry crowd as he arrived at a bookstore in dublin to promote his newly published memoirs. among the protesters were people who object to blair's support of the war in iraq. >>> it was known as the blitz, the intense bombing of britain by nazi germany during world war ii. it began 70 years ago tomorrow and went on for more than eight months. most americans have only seen that part of history in grainy black and white. but today, a local london government agency released previously unseen color film. >> a city in ruins. >> it's one of the heaviest raids for many nights. >> reporter: the scenes of devastation are familiar, but seeing them in color somehow makes them more vivid, more real. color footage was rare in september 1940, but here medics were filmed training for casualties and treating them in makeshift medical centers. the wartime leader, winston churchill, reviewing civil defense workers in london's hyde park as thousands of people cheer him on.
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,235 (some duplicates have been removed)